The chickens are out on pasture

Our first batch of chickens officially went out on pasture today. Hopefully it will not get too cold tonight. It is the middle of May…right?

Our chickens arrive in the mail when they are a day or two old. It is quite comical going to the post office and picking up boxes that are moving and “peeping” at you. When they arrive on our farm, we house them in the barn and a small chicken shed. They will live there for about three or four weeks until they are big enough to live outside. We have to show the baby chicks where water and feed are. They also have a brooder stove to keep them warm.

Now that their cute yellow down has been replaced with feathers, they are ready to go out and live on the pasture. We group our chickens in large screened cages. The bottoms are open and the chickens are able to move about and eat the grass and unfortunate bugs. We also provide them with fresh water and feed twice daily.

Each day the cages are moved across our pasture. This provides the chickens with fresh vegetation and leaves their dropping behind. The chicken manure also fertilizes our pasture. Later, when the cows graze the area, the grass is growing lush and green where the chickens were.

We are still taking orders for June delivery of chickens. Please call us at 952-461-3428. If you would like your chicken cut up before it is frozen you must pre-order.

Thank you to everyone who visited our booth during the Living Green Expo. It is fun talking with current and new customers.

Have a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend!

The Zwebers


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