Let it rain!

The rain this weekend was a very pleasant surprise. We were in desperate need. The farm rain gauge read almost one inch.  Our cows depend on the pasture to feed them well into the fall. This rain will provide a good base for the pastures to grow. We also just got done cutting our first crop of hay (we cut three each summer). Even though Tim had to wrap bales in the rain on Saturday, he was not complaining.

As farmers, we sometimes feel that we should have degrees in meteorology. We check all the news stations, we look on the Unisys radar website, we “read” clouds,  and watch birds and insects.  It becomes a game of who is right and bragging rights are granted to the winner.

Many Americans don’t feel the effects of dry weather. They wake up every morning to freshly watered lawns, their kitchen sink always providing clear cold water. As farmers, we feel the pressures of rain and the lack there of all too often. We take steps to conserve and hope that mother nature continues to provide for us.

Lastly, chickens will be ready to purchase in two weeks. Just give us a call to order.

Take care,

The Zwebers


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