The pigs have arrived!

Early this morning Tim and Steven drove to Wabaso, MN to buy 51 feeder pigs (about 40-60lbs and 6-8 weeks old). When the pigs arrived on the farm, they were all nestled in the straw bedded trailer and acting like they didn’t have a care in the world.

These pigs will live in our straw packed coverall building until late October. In the fall they will weigh about 220-240 lbs (gaining about 1-2lbs per day). Our pigs have continuous access to fresh water via a small water. They also are feed twice a day. Their feed consists mainly of ground soybeans and corn. Because pigs have a mono-gastric stomach (like ours vs a compartmental stomach like cows), they need very little forage.

The building that our pigs are raised in is used as winter housing for our cattle. We line the stalls with fence and fill one end with straw. The other end we use as the water and feeding area. Our pigs also have access to a small “patio” outside.

Pigs are very funny creatures. They are extremely smart. This is sometimes a bad thing for us because they will find every and any place they can get out. (it is kind of like having a toddler around) They are also very sociable. They thrive in groups and on cool mornings you will find them all snuggled together.

Note: Our first batch of chickens will be ready on Friday. Call us at 952-461-3428 to pick up your order. They will be available until we sell out.

Your Friends,

The Zweber Family


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