The magic of a sunrise

Being outside during a sunrise is always a magical thing for me. The day begins silent, dark and full of potential. The darkness makes you focus on what is immediately around you. You are not distracted by sounds, commotion or agendas. The morning just is. You are aware of your own breath because it is visible. You breathe in and out renewing your spirit, waiting for the dawn.

Morning chores are not rushed like afternoon chores, just wanting to be done. They are slower, more deliberate, more thoughtful. You are greeted by eager animals waiting to taste the sweet, smelling hay, still warm from the day before. The cool air makes the bothersome insects lazy and irrelevant.

Gradually, the sun rises above the hills, then the church and then the tree line. Birds awaken from their nests and start their day’s song. The moment between night and day is always lost to me. It eludes  me somewhere between warming up calf bottles and feeding grain to the heifers.

Instantly, the world is no longer intimate. It is chaotic and purposeful. There are task to accomplish and worries to fret. The cows need milking, #345 and #242 need to be bred, #451 needs its foot looked at and #200 is going to calve. Calves need to be bedded, hay needs to be baled, hog feed needs to be ordered… and by the way has anyone fed the chickens yet? Fences need to be moved, grass needs to be mowed and a round bale should be brought out to the heifers.

The day has begun and it is a glorious one.  Morning will soon appear again, it always does. Next time I will keep an eye on the dawn; it will not evade me again. Or maybe that is just the magic of it…

Emily Zweber


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