Be safe on the roads this harvest season

Monday marked the first day of the National Farm Safety and Health Week. This week is sponsored by the National Safety Council and reminds farmers and ranchers and those in rural communities to be safe during the busy harvest season.

Even though farm equipment and vehicle crashes are rare, 147 happened last year in Minnesota. Two of those crashed resulted in death.  As urbanization creeps into formally rural areas, residents need to be reminded to be careful when following slower agricultural equipment. Some tips when driving through rural areas are:

  • Stay alert, agricultural equipment may turn into unseen field roads and driveways;
  • Stay behind until it is safe to pass;
  • Slow down when approaching agricultural equipment;
  • Follow at a safe distance so that the farmer can see you;
  • Allow more time to arrive to your destination.

To learn more visit the Minnesota Department of Agricultural website:

Our family has rented land that requires us to cross several major county roads. I worry each and everyday that we are going to get “that call.” Please, please,please be careful when encountering agricultural equipment on the road. Farmers are husbands, wives, brothers, sisters, sons and daughters. They have families, hopes and dreams. They are working hard each day to provide healthy food for your family.

Let’s pray for a safe and productive harvest season.

Be patient and kind, stay behind

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