How to cut up a whole chicken

Many people are afraid to buy whole chickens because they don’t know how to cut them up. Growing up, it was something my father always did. I am not sure if my mother even knows how. His cuts were always perfect. A leg looked like a leg and a breast look like what you got in the store. Through college and my first years on my own, I would always buy boneless skinless chicken breasts. As we all know, they are really expensive and don’t offer a lot of flavor.

If you purchase Zweber Farms chickens you get the whole chicken (we do offer cut up chickens, but they must be pre-ordered and cost more). It can be overwhelming the first time you are presented with the five pound bird to cook. Yikes.

Have no fear. I found a really good YouTube video that shows how to cut up a chicken. Depending on your recipe, you can cut up your chicken before or after cooking. After viewing the video go over to our Recipes tab. There you will find a very easy way to roast a chicken from our part-time milker Jen.

Don’t fear the chicken, it is your friend. 🙂



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