Dairy Farmers Care About Their Animals

Recently PETA, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, has released an “undercover” video they shot on a dairy farm. The images are very disturbing.  These images show unacceptable practices in the dairy industry. At Zweber Farms, we want to reassure you that these practices are not normal. We have hundreds of friends who are dairy farms (conventional and organic), we know no farmer who would treat their animals this way.

As a dairy consumer, you can be reassured that your milk comes from caring,  thoughtful and honest dairy farmers.  Dairy farmers work hard each day to produce a wholesome and safe product. All dairy farms are inspected by USDA inspectors annually and milk is always tested for residue before it is processed. On our farm we make sure that our animals’ udders are clean before milking. We also have automatic systems in place to make sure all milking and holding equipment is clean.

Dairy farming is a very hard job; you have to love it and the cows, or you would not be in business for long. On our farm our animals are cared for 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We provide them shelter, nutritious food and fresh water. We care for them from birth until they leave the farm. We know them without even looking at their ear tag.

We are not alone in our care for cows. Every farmer we know provides the same care we do. We know farmers who have 300 cows and can pick out a cow from across the barn.

PETA’s main goal is to eliminate livestock production in the United States. Yes, what they found on this Pennsylvania farm is troublesome, but it is not what the other 99% of the other dairy farmers are doing.  Tomorrow Tim and I will be traveling with the boys six hours to Madison, WI. There we will join thousands of dairy farmers from around the world celebrating our great industry. We will be attending the World Dairy Expo. It will be a time to unite and stand proud for what we do.

If you ever have any questions about dairy farming, we would love to show you around our farm. Just give us a call. 952-461-3428.

Have you had your three glasses of wholesome milk today?



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