How Toddlers are like Cows

Well, we made it back from World Dairy Expo all in one piece. We had a great time, learned a lot and met up with many of our friends in the dairy business. Traveling five hours with an 11 month old and a 2.5 year old is always interesting, to say the least.

I never would have thought that being a mother would give me ideas on how to be a better dairy farmer, and that being a dairy farmer would give me ideas on how to be a better mother.

Anyone who has ever had a toddler in their home, knows how special they are. Even though they are so little, they are really smart. Our toddler is so smart ; he knows exactly what he is not suppose to do at a particular moment. In all seriousness, toddlers are in a unique stage in life. They are very much dependent on their parents to provide their basic needs, food,  shelter, clothing. They like to feel safe and secure, but still have the freedom to explore. They get scared easily, and look to their parents for guidance. When our toddler has all his needs provided, he is the most loving and caring child.

This is not much different from cattle. Dairy cows are independent thinking beings. Each has a unique personality. At the same time their rely on their farmers to provide them with their basic needs of food and shelter. Farmers provide them with safe, clean and secure shelters and abundant, healthy food and water. In return, the cows will give the farmer lots of creamy milk. Just like a toddler, you cannot force a cow to do what it doesn’t want to do. You need to some how convince it that what you want it to do is the best option. This is way yelling at cattle doesn’t work.

When we go get our cows from the pasture, we always say “come boss” to signal to them it is time to get going. When Tim and I first started dating, I asked him why they said that. Of course now it make perfect sense. The cows are our bosses, not the other way around.

Just like our toddler, our cows are our future. This is why caring for them properly is our number one goal.


Fun Farm Fact: US cows give an average of 6.5 gallons of milk per day. That’s over 100 glasses of milk, enough for 33 children to have 3 glasses each day. This means our farm produces over 1,000 glasses of milk a day!


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