Buy a pizza, help a dairy farmer

As you may know, dairy prices have been at a record low. Dairy farmers are struggling each day to make ends meet. The cost to produce milk ranges from $14.00 to $17.00 per hundred weight. In June the average price a Minnesota dairy farmer was receiving was $11.26 per hundred weight (according to Hoard’s Dairyman). Even though our farm is shielded from these low prices because of our cooperatives ability to set a higher price in our nitch market, what happens in the conventional dairy market also eventually affects us as well.

There are many reasons for the low prices. Dairy farmers compete in a global market. The value of the dollar, foreign economics, weather and more all have an impact on price. One variable contributing to the price is the lower consumption of cheese.  Per capita consumption of cheese is down for the first time in 20 years. 40% of milk produced in the Midwest region is made into cheese. 25% of cheese is used on pizzas. Recently, Midwest Dairy Association (our check off association) partnered with Domino’s Pizza to develop new line of pizzas. The American Legends use a variety of new cheese and even has a cheesy crust. Click here to learn more.

So if you don’t have enough time to cook a yummy yummy meal from Zweber Farms’ meat, order a pizza from Domino’s Pizza. You will be helping a dairy farmer.


PS Zweber Farms did not receive any compensation for posting this information.

Fun Farm Fact: Domino’s uses a lot of cheese! More than 1.73 billion pounds of milk go into making Domino’s cheese, which means Domino’s “employs” 91,893 cows a year.

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