Welcome Wedge Co-op!

On Saturday, our farm is going to welcome about 50 Wedge Co-op members. These members won a drawing to visit a local farmer. The event is being sponsored by Organic Valley Family of Farms.

Organic Valley/Organic Prairie is proud to offer Wedge Co-op members a variety of delicious and wholesome, 100% organic dairy products and meats. Wedge members can be assured that their dairy choices are produced by local farm families, like ours. The Wedge Co-op is dedicated to providing a diverse selection of highest quality, fairly-priced products and a deepening understanding of their importance to their members, employees and community.

We hope the rain holds off for the day. We will have tours of our turn of the century barn and modern milking parlor. Visitors will be able to walk the pastures with the cows and tickle the noses of our calves.  For lunch our guests will dine on a fresh, warm and organic spread prepared by French Meadows Cafe’.

No matter what the weather brings us, the day is guaranteed to be a delight. If you are one of the lucky who  is coming to the farm, please remember to dress for the weather. If it is raining…rain coats, umbrellas and rain boots are suggested. We will try to keep you dry and warm the best we can. 🙂

To learn more about our farm, please visit: www.zweberfarms.com

For our dedicated customers, please remember that you are welcome to schedule a tour of our farm anytime. Just give us a call.

The Zwebers

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