Remember to Cook Your Beef to 160 degrees

Minnesota Public Radio recently ran a segment on E. coli prevention in ground beef. The guests on the show¬† shared ways the beef processing industry can help prevent E. coli entering the food chain. E. coli bacteria contamination in beef and other foods is serious, but rest assure the United States has the safest and most secure food supply. To learn more about E. coli visit the Center for Disease Control’s website.

One Cornell University study showed that grass-fed beef have 80% less of a strain of E. coli that causes illness in humans. On Zweber Farms, our beef are fed a mostly grass diet.

The best way to prevent becoming sick from E. coli is to cook your beef to 160 degrees, especially hamburger. You will want to use an accurate meat thermometer each time you cook. 160 degrees is about medium well. Also, make sure you use proper food handling practices at all times. In my house, I have a several plastic cutting boards that I use for raw meat. The plastic ones can go right into the dishwasher. I have other cutting boards that are for breads, veggies/fruit and cheeses. To learn about how to keep your kitchen safe visit the American Dietetic Association’s website.

With proper food handling practices in place, you can be assured that your family will enjoy safe and healthy meals.


Cook beef to 160 degrees

Cook beef to 160 degrees

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