Rain, rain go away…

We are thankful at Zweber Farms that all of our crops have been harvested. We don’t raise any crops for grain, just hay and corn silage. This rain is causing a lot of stress for grain farmers trying to get crops out the field. The recent stats that I heard from the USDA is that only 33% of the MN soybean crop (vs 85% last year) has been harvested and only 17% (vs 25%) of corn has been harvested. While crops sit in the field they can mold and rot.  This weather is causing extra stress on farmers that are already at their wits ends.

This rain and cold weather does cause some problems for us as well. Our cows were out on pasture until about 5 days ago. Now, since the grass has stopped growing they have been moved to their winter home in the pasture area near our treeline (the area you see in our header above).  Typically, they have a Coverall building to go and take shelter in during the cold weather, but right now we are finishing our hogs in there. This is the first year we have had this problem. Usually the hogs are out before it gets too cold.  The hogs will be out in a couple weeks and the sand bedding will be moved it. (it is almost like they have their own beach).

We are praying that our fellow farmers can get their crops out soon and they stay safe while doing it.

#200 enjoying her "beach"

#200 enjoying her "beach"


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