Connecting Children and their Food

A common cry I hear over and over is “people are so disconnected to where their food comes from that they cannot make wise food decisions.” This is especially true for children. It use to be that a child knew an uncle or cousin who farmed. Now the closest relation they have to a farmer is great-grandpa; someone they only know from pictures.

How can we expect children to grow up and make wise, healthy food decisions when they believe chocolate milk comes from brown cows and that eggs come from the grocery store. They read in children’s books that farmers are backward, overall wearing hillbillies.  They see images on TV portraying a farmer as either uneducated, old or  polluting the environment. Never do they see modern farmers producing wholesome food.

What can we do about this crisis? I am glad you asked. Besides working on the farm, I am the foundation director for Minnesota Agriculture in the Classroom Foundation (MAITC). MAITC is the state’s largest agricultural literacy education program. We provide teacher with the resources to teach accurate agricultural messages in their classrooms. We design all our materials so that teachers don’t need to know a thing about agriculture to use them. Teacher guides, graduation standard charts and resources are all a part of the program. The best part is that all our materials are FREE! Yes FREE! We raise enough money each year to provide this valuable program to any teacher or non traditional educator who wants it.

If you are interested in learning more about the MAITC program visit the program website. If you are a supporter of this effort, please donate today. Our foundation relies on private donations to make this program possible. Just a $20.00 donation can provide programing for one Minnesota school.

If you have children in school, ask the teacher if they are participating in this great program that connects students and their food.

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Fields of Energy DVD

Fields of Energy DVD

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