A day of rest…

or at least a few hours. This rain is really slowing things down on our farm. There is only so much you can do when it has been rainy for, what, three-four weeks now. Today, Tim and Jon decided to take a day of rest. Well, relatively speaking. After the morning chores, milking, mixing feed and cleaning out the hogs, they took a few hours off to relax. Tim spent his by napping for an hour and then playing with the boys. I know that Tim enjoys playing with the boys and resting, but like most dairy farmers, after a few hours he was ready to go back to the farm and get things done.

On a positive note: We had concrete poured yesterday on the south side of our parlor. This creates a feeding area between the parlor and the coverall. To Tim, this day was like Christmas. No longer will he or Jon have to wake up at midnight when it is muddy out this winter to run the cows through the barn from the coverall to eat on the other side in our feedlot. Now we can put our feeder wagons on the concrete and the cows can eat when they want. Yah! This means that I, or Lisa, don’t have to wake up to wake up Tim or Jon.

feeder wagon

feeder wagon


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