Trick or Treat the Dairy Way

I have lived on a dirt road my entire life. Trick or Treaters are rare on country roads. I don’t know why, our neighbors would always gave us globs of candy (probably because we were their only visitors). Last year when Tim and I moved into our townhome, I was so excited to finally hand out candy. The Trick or Treaters were so cute and it was so much fun making them smile.

This year I am taking a dairy spin to trick or treating. Instead of candy, I am handing out chocolate milk and Got Milk dairy pencils. Organic Valley makes these awesome chocolate milk boxes in single serving. They are ultra pasteurized so that they don’t have to be refrigerated until opened. I hope the neighbor kids will like the chocolate milk as much as the rest of their candy.

Happy Halloween!


choc milk

Fun Pumpkin Facts:

  • Pumpkins are a fruit and their flowers are edible.
  • Pumpkins contain potassium and vitamin A.
  • 90-95% of pumpkins grown in the US are grown in IL.

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