Today we celebrated Jonnie’s first birthday with family. The day was full of togetherness and fun. It is days like these that cause me to take a moment to reflect. Our family is blessed with good health, happy homes and close family and friends. We are also blessed to be able to wake up everyday and truly enjoy our lives.

Dairy farming is a calling. We are called to care for the land, care for our animals and care for the thousand of families who rely on us to provide them with a wholesome, nutritious product. Farming is a thankless job that requires you to work 14 hours days in rain, snow, tornadoes and worse seven days a week. Farmers have to endure low commodity prices, unpredictable demand, and weather disasters.

In spite of all these challenges, farmers are part of the lucky few who don’t have to commute to work, work closely with their families and do something they truly love. Farmers often talk about the connection they have with land and some higher being. No matter what your religion, there is something magical when you have to pull a baby calf and she arrives in the world healthy. There is a sense of accomplishment after you finish combining that last row of corn and you know this crop will feed your animals for a year. There is a feeling of awe and wonder when the sun breaks through the storm clouds to reveal a perfect rainbow over a lush field of alfalfa.

Our family is blessed. We thank you, our customers who we consider close friends. Without people eating and drinking our dairy and meats, we would not be in business. You are giving our family hope that we will be able to continue this farming tradition as long as the desire is there. Maybe some day Erik or Jonnie will want to continue the tradition. We hope the same opportunities will be there for them that are here for us now. You can help us make that happen.

Thank you for supporting family farms.

Erik and Jonnie


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