Zweber Farm Table Nov 9

This week is going to be a little crazy when it comes to meals. Yesterday, we decided that I will do the calf chores most nights.  Since chores are typically done from 4-6, serving a healthy home cooked meal is going to be interesting (Jonnie goes to bed at 6). I see making tacos, homemade pizza and dinner sausage this week until I can get myself organized to cook dinner at lunch time.

When we make homemade pizza, I use Zweber Farm hamburger. Just brown it with some onion powder (or other spices), drain and top on the crust. You can also use Zweber Farm ground pork. If you don’t have any Italian ground pork, just add some basil and oregano spices while you are browning it. Make sure to top your pizza with Organic Valley cheese.


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