Race against the weather

Well, we are done with harvest and done with plowing. Now we are racing against the weather to get some last minute chores done. With hardly a frost in the ground (very strange for this time of the year), Tim is taking advantage that Steven is home on Thanksgiving break. Those two have been building high tensile fence

High Tensile Fence

all day for our lanes. Lanes are the paths that our cows take to each of our pastures. Tim wants to have permanent fences along the lanes. This keeps the cows moving in the right direction. The fences will also keep electricity moving out to the pastures. We use temporary, one wire electric fence in our pastures. This allows us to adjust pasture size based on the quality of the forage.

When the pasture is growing we rotate our cows after each milking (twice a day). This allows the grasses to grow properly. This requires us to move the temporary fences twice a day as well. Once the permanent fences are done, at least we won’t have to set up those fences too. This will save us a lot of time.

It looks like the weather (snow) is going to hold off for awhile.




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