Jon’s away so the cows will play…

well actually the cows got out last night; a few hours before Jon and Lisa’s trip. It is never a good thing when the sheriff calls you to tell you the cows are out on the highway in the middle of the night. Luckily no one and no animals got hurt.

If you ever see animals outside their fences please do the right thing and stop and contact the farmer; if the farmer is not home, call the police. If a car would hit a 1600 lb animal at 55 mph it would not be good for the driver or the cow.

The cows seem to know when Jon leaves and Tim is left in charge. They never behave for him. Most of the time it is kind of funny. They just look at him and seem to say “we don’t have to listen to you and we will do whatever we want” Then swish their tails and go back to eating.

Silly cows


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