“Ohh the Weather Outside is Frightful…”

I am not looking forward to venturing out in this weather today and feeding calves and heifers. I shouldn’t complain, Jon has been up since 5am and Tim since 6am, fighting the snow and the cold. And besides the animals depend on me. Without me to feed them and break the ice from their waters, they would be very sad.

We take extra care of our animals in weather like this. Our calves are all snuggled tight in their straw bedded calf hutches. With their thick winter fur coats, they stay nice and cozy. Our smallest babies will wear a “calf jacket” until they grow thicker fur. Sometimes, I wish I could jump in with them. Our heifers have their straw bedded shed. They will snuggle together in their groups until we come to feed them. Our mommas that are about to give birth will stay in our barn in a straw bedded maternity pen. They will access to water and feed all day long.

We take extra special care of our milk cows. When the temperature dips near or below zero we worry about frostbite on their udders. After we milk them, instead of the usually post dip, we will cover their udders with an organic cream that fights bacteria and provides a layer of protections against the cold. After milking, the cows are sent back to their “beach” (our sand bedded Coverall building). There they can lay in comfort until the next milking.

Really, the only things that get cold on our farm in this weather is us farmers.

Hope you are staying warm!


Heifers in Their Supper Hutch

Calf warm in her hutch

The Cows' Beach


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