Give Fun Children’s Ag books this Christmas

With Christmas shopping winding down (or in my husband’s case, just starting), I am still on the look out for good children’s books.  When it comes to finding accurate agriculture books, that are also interesting, the search can be difficult. Here is a list of a few books I find particularly good for dairy. Also, if you are interested in shopping local Finney Company (a publisher right here in Lakeville) is having a sale this week. Al Krysan, president, told me that some of his books are 80% off.

A good list of accurate ag books is the MN Ag in the Classroom Book Bundle List. Even though this list is not all inclusive it is a good start when looking for children’s books. Our family favorites are: Fantastic Farm Machines, Out and About at the Dairy Farm, and Extra Cheese Please. Some nondairy favorites of ours are: Tops and Bottoms and The Tree Farmer. You can purchase all of these from Finney Company.

Tops and Bottoms by: Janet Stevens

Fantastic Farm Machines by: Cris Peterson

Out and About at the Dairy Farm


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