Snowmobilers-Be Careful Around Farms

All this snow (and the next batch coming this weekend) will make the snowmobile trails great for riding. At Zweber Farms we want to remind sledders to be careful when out on the trail. Riding near farm land can be particularly dangerous. Buried fences, hidden culverts, steep ditches and more can be hazardous to riders.

It is very important to stay on the trail to ensure your ride is as safe as possible. On our farm, we have trails on two boarders. These trails are well marked and take riders around dangerous areas. Nonetheless, there are always some riders who believe that they don’t have to follow the trail and can “make” their own. Last year, a snowmobiler decided to ride the large hill north of our driveway. He then proceeded to jump the driveway and land into a high tensile fence. The fence tore through the hood of his sled and was inches from slicing him open.  If this unlucky rider would have stayed on the trail, he would have bypassed our fence safely. He was lucky to be unhurt.

Snowmobile clubs work each year with land owners to make sure the trailers are in good spots. Please make sure to respect the landowners wishes and ride only where the trail is marked. On our land, snowmobilers annually damage alfalfa and other grasses by riding in the wrong spot and when there is a minimum amount of snow.

Have fun when you are out riding on your snowmobile, but remember to be safe too. If Tim gets his snowmobile fixed we will be out there too!

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