Hello 2010! Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone! It is that time of year again where we all make goals/resolutions/promises to improve ourselves and our lives. On Zweber Farms, we go through the same planning process. But, unlike many resolution makers, we actually stick to most of our goals. To make this happen, we have a little help from our Farm Business Manager (FBM). Our FBM, Gene, is great. He helps us analyze all our financial numbers, mediates our goal setting sessions, and talks about trends in our industry with us.

Here a few goals we have this year:

Cow Health: Our somatic cell counts, cull rates, pounds of milk per cow, etc were really good last year. We want to continue to improve our livestocks’ health in this next year.

Expand our direct marketing business: Thanks to our dedicated customers, 2009 was great for our direct market business. We sold out of pork and beef packages and sold more ground beef and chicken than ever before. We would like to expand the number of pork and beef packages we offer. This will be a little tricky, because we don’t know where we are going to put extra animals. We are currently brainstorming options.

To meet more potential customers we are going to exhibit at a couple new green and healthy living expos. We are also going to continue to blog, tweet and Facebook. Join us in all our multi-media conversations. We will also continue to send out a quarterly newsletter.

New buildings or tractor? When Tim hears the words goal setting, he always thinks of things he wants to buy. A newer tractor would be nice and also building a new dry cow barn. Of course these items cost money and our farm has always operated with little or no debt. Tim has to do a lot of convincing to do if he wants to make any major purchases in 2010.

Active Voice for Agriculture: We will continue to be an active and positive voice for agriculture. Our involvement on numerous boards and committees give us the opportunity to network with other producers and voice our thoughts on agriculture issues. We will continue to give tours of our farm, exchange pen pal letters with neighboring schools and spread the positive message of agriculture whenever we can.

We hope that you and your family have a blessed new year!

The Zwebers

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