Interested in Buying Eggs?

We are constantly being asked if we sell eggs on our farm. Currently, we don’t but you all have us thinking about it.

Please follow the link to a short 7 question survey: Egg Survey.

Here are some of the ideas we have about how we would raise laying hens for eggs:

  • In the summer we would raise them in an  “Egg Mobile” similar to Joel Salatin’s
    • We would have them in our pastures to “clean up” the bugs and spread their natural fertilizer
  • Egg Mobile

  • In the winter they would be raised in half of a green house and provide heat for the other half (which we would grow plants in)
  • Depending on availability we would like to raise them on non-gmo feed and possibly organic feed.
    • It is really hard to find non-gmo and organic chicken feed around us, so we are tossing around the idea of growing and grinding our own.
  • Customers would be able to buy eggs when it is most convenient for them.
    • We know of other farmers who do this system and it seems to work. Customers would take the eggs they need, leave the money and then return the cartons the next time they purchase.

Like all of our “projects,” we want to keep the health of our animal and land as our number one priority. Let us know what you think about purchasing eggs from Zweber Farms.



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One response to “Interested in Buying Eggs?

  1. Julia Berg

    Hi Emily,

    I would love to buy your eggs, but I live right in New Prague and don’t go out your way on a regular basis. Realistically, my access to the eggs would be have barriers due to location, and I might not be able to buy very many. But, I would like to, and I would support the concept.

    Julie Berg (one of Tim’s h.s. CC coaches)

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