Are Organic Foods Affordable? Day 2

If you missed yesterday’s post, this week I am tackling the myth that organic foods are only for the elite in our society. Tim and I are far from being in the elite category. In fact, according to our tax return, we are in the lower class. You will see that I don’t buy 100% organic foods. I still cannot find good tasting/texture frozen veggies. Next year I hope to freeze a bunch more fresh from our garden so that I don’t run out in November (like this year).  Today, our family did not skimp on the meals. Let’s break it all out to see what we spent.

Breakfast: scrambled eggs (local farmer $1.75/dozen), mushrooms (organic $3.oo/lb), Milk (organic $4.50/gallon), toast (homemade aprx $1.10/loaf), peanut butter (organic $5.00/jar), peach (organic$3.79/lb) and green tea (organic $3.37/box)

  • Scrambled eggs $0.29
  • Mushrooms $0.37
  • Milk $1.25
  • Toast $0.09
  • Peanut butter $0.11
  • Peach $3.00
  • Green Tea $0.21
    • Breakfast total $5.32 or $1.33/person

Lunch: Tim had lunch away, so this meal will just include the boys and I. We had homemade venison summer sausage (online $2.50/8oz), organic valley cheddar cheese ($4.98/8oz), homemade bread ($1.10/loaf), Mayo (organic $9.75/16oz), Peach (organic $3.79./lb), and Milk (organic $4.50/gallon)

  • Summer Sausage $1.25
  • Cheese $1.66
  • Bread $0.37
  • Mayo $0.30
  • Peach $3.00
  • Milk $1.00
    • Total for lunch $7.31 or $2.44/person

Dinner: Honey Peppered T-bones steaks (Zweber Farm $2.43/lb + $1.00 for marinade), green beans (Schwans $1.83/bag), brown rice (organic $1.50/lb), Milk (organic $4.50/gallon)

  • Steaks $7.92
  • Beans $1.83
  • Rice $1.00
  • Milk $1.25
    • Total for Dinner $12.00 or $3.00/person

Holy Crap! We only spent $25.63 or $6.77/person for all three meals! I would say that 85% of our meal items were organic. For the elite? I think not.

Notes from the farm: We had two bull calves born last week and now have a little bit of a break until someone else is due. Let’s hope for some heifers out of the next round 🙂


Zweber Farms is a 4th generation family operated organic dairy. We also specialize in sustainably raised beef, pork and chicken and sell it directly to customers in Minnesota.Visit our website to learn more,



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3 responses to “Are Organic Foods Affordable? Day 2

  1. Zak

    Love it! So often people associate organic with expensive.

  2. nice article, very usefull for me thanks…
    go green…

  3. Cassy

    Thanks for doing the math Emily- great breakdown, and good job!

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