Internship Available

This summer we are offering an internship to college students interested in sustainable agriculture. Please view the job description for more details. If you are interested in the position please submit the internship application to our farm: by May 1, 2010.

Zweber Farms Summer Internship Job Description

About our farm

Zweber Farm was purchased by John J. Zweber in 1906. This century old farm is nestled in the hills of Elko/New Market. Many types of livestock and crops have been grown on the farm and it is even rumored that moonshine was once hidden under the chicken house.

Today the farm is owned by Jon Zweber (John J’s grandson) and his son Tim. Jon and his wife Lisa, have four children. Tim, who is married to Emily, has two sons of his own, Erik and Jonathan. The other children in the family are Sarah, Steven and Samantha. The Zweber Farm is a family effort.

Organic dairy is our main business. We market our milk through Organic Valley Family of Farms. The milking herd currently consists of about 100 Holsteins, Brown Swiss and cross-breds. There are also around 100 younger dairy animals. In addition to the dairy, we sell chicken, pork and beef directly to customers. We raise our beef and chickens on pasture and our pigs in a hoop house with straw bedding. We do not do any of the processing of our animals at the farm. We are currently selling at one farmers market and only one restaurant but are interested in expanding these areas. Visit our website and blog at to learn more.

Skills Desired

We are looking for a college student who is interested in sustainable/organic animal agriculture. You will be responsible for completing tasks on our farm relating to the dairy and direct market meat businesses. No experience on a farm is needed but a willingness to work hard is a must. Farming isn’t always pleasant but it is rewarding. Farming is physical labor and you must be able to lift at least 30 lbs. repeatedly to work with us. You need the ability to work independently but as part of a team. We don’t always work side by side but rely on each other for the success of the whole. A sense of humor and verbal communication skills are appreciated.

Educational Opportunities

You will be given opportunity to attend meetings of our local grazing group with Jon and Tim. The grazing group meets at least once a month on a member’s farm to look at their operation and discuss topic(s) of interest.

We will train you in all the different areas of the farm except finances but you will be expected to be responsible for some jobs the whole time. Areas of responsibility on our farm include: calf care, chicken feeding and moving, pig feeding and bedding, fence moving and building, milking, field work, meat sales and marketing, general farm upkeep and maintenance, and cow heat detection. This is not a full list and we add new ventures all the time so there are many places to learn new skills at our farm.

Internship details

As stated above we will give you at least some training in all areas of our farm. You will be expected to milk cows at least 6 times per week. This job is what our farm revolves around and is very important. You will milk with either Jon or Tim except for special occasions where they should both need to be gone. If you do not enjoy working with animals or are scared of large animals this is not the internship for you. Milking does not occupy the whole day and there are many other areas which we will train you in and expect you to be responsible for (with our help of course). We do not do a lot of field work but there is plenty of tractor driving to be done just taking care of animals. You will not be allowed to run any piece of equipment until you have been trained by Jon or Tim. The ATV is an essential piece of equipment and you will need to be able to operate it safely and confidently. Really, there are a lot of different jobs and all of us can perform them so we can be very flexible and place you in the spots you are comfortable with, and interested in.


Currently we do not provide housing for interns, however if you can not commute or are from another state we may be able to work something out.


If you are at the farm and we are eating you will always be invited to join in the feast. The summer is a great time to eat at the farm with the gardens producing vegetables, and year round meat and milk. Tim and Emily love to cook and would be more than happy to invite you to their house for meals also.


Depending on experience and skill we will negotiate pay with you.

Start and End Dates

Preferably May to September but we can accommodate your school schedule.

Zweber Farms, LLC

Internship Application

Contact information

Why are you interested in a internship with Zweber Farms?
What skills would you bring to the internship?
What do you hope to gain from this experience

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