The Baby Chicks Have Arrived

Yesterday our first batch of baby chickens arrived on the farm. We have 320 chicks total. We have them divided into two groups, so that they have enough space. One group resides in a small room in our barn and the other in our chicken house. They will stay in these groups until they have feathers. Then we will put them out to pasture. Right now it is key to keep the chicks warm, well feed and well watered.

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In this video you hear me explaining about how we care for our baby chicks. I mention that there are 75 chicks in the barn. This a false, Lisa told me there were 160. Crazy, goes to show how tiny they are.

Fun Farm Fact: Did you know that chickens are omnivores? That is right, they eat meat (bugs and small snakes), grains and grasses. Not sure how the vegetarian feed chicken’s became popular.


Zweber Farms is a 4th generation family operated organic dairy. We also specialize in sustainably raised beef, pork and chicken and sell it directly to customers in Minnesota.Visit our website to learn more,


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