Don’t Waste the Chicken, Make Chicken Stock

If you are cooking up a Zweber Farms whole chicken, chances are it took you a good while from freezer to table. First you had to thaw the chicken over night, then you had to prepare the chicken and recipe ingredients. Lastly, you had to cook it, which took anywhere from 30-90 minutes. After all the work, why waste most of the chicken by throwing the bones into the trash.

Solution: Make chicken stock.

Making chicken stock takes a little time, but it is really easy.

  1. First take the leftover bones, back and neck and place in a large stock pot.
  2. Cover the chicken with water
  3. Add: 2 sliced carrots, 2-3 sliced celery sticks, 1 sliced onion, 1 sprig herbs of choice (I use rosemary or thyme), salt and pepper to taste.  (don’t go overboard on the s&p, you will always add more in your recipes)
  4. Bring to boil and simmer for 4 hours
  5. Bring back to rapid boil and boil for 30 minutes or until the water has reduce by half.
  6. Strain out the bones, veggies and herbs.
  7. Pour stock into glass jars and freeze.

Some stock recipes say to skim off the fat as it is simmering. I don’t, because the fat will rise to the top of the jars and act as a protective barrier to bacteria. You can just scoop off the fat when you are ready to use. The stock will last for several months in the freezer or a about a week in the refrigerator.

Use your homemade stock when you are making rice, couscous, soup and more.


Zweber Farms is a 4th generation family operated organic dairy. We also specialize in sustainably raised beef, pork and chicken and sell it directly to customers in Minnesota.Visit our website to learn more,


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