June is Dairy Month!

Did you know that June is Dairy Month? That is right, all month long you can celebrate by eating ice cream, cheese, yogurt, cottage cheese, pudding, and of course drinking milk. National Dairy Month was started in 1937 by national chain retail stores. It was started as a way to push surplus milk. Even though it is slightly less true now than then, the spring months are the months where the most milk is produced. There are two main reasons for a spring surplus of milk. Traditionally, many farmers seasonally calved. This meant that  they would have most of their cows give birth in the spring when the weather was nicer. Cows have their highest production right after calving. The second reason is that pastures are lush and rich with nutrients this time of year.

Today, June is Dairy Month is a celebration shared by retailers, processors and producers. As dairy producers, we use this month to highlight how dairy farmers produce a wholesome and nutritious product. Tim and I will be reading dairy story books at the New Market Library on June 25th at 11am. We will also have some help from a surprise four legged guest. Sam will be representing Scott County Dairy Association as a Dairy Princess. She will handing out ice cream at local banks and riding on floats in local parades.

To hold your own celebration of dairy products, you may want to try out a new dairy recipe. Here are two of my favorite dairy recipe websites:

As I am typing this I am enjoying homemade popsicles I made by freezing some Organic Valley Live Drinkable Yogurt. Yum! I cannot wait for our strawberry patch to be ready. I am going to blend the yogurt and strawberries and have healthy, yummy treats. For supper tonight I am going to be making a homemade pizza and of course we always load on the cheese.

Make sure you have your 3-A-Day everyday. Our lovely ladies produce about 900 glasses of milk each day; so drink up!



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2 responses to “June is Dairy Month!

  1. Patrick the milk man.

    Remember during the month of June there are no calories in dairy products.

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