Twin Cities Crop Mob Fever!

There is this really awesome group of Twin Cities folks out there that call themselves Crop Mobbers. What is a Crop Mob you might ask? Well as described by Barth Anderson, their ring leader, “a crop mob is a group of people that “mobs” a local farm for a day of helping out (weeding, clearing brush, whatever needs doing). We’re not very bright about farms because most of us are “city mice.” But we’re strong in numbers, and luckily, the farmer knows what he or she needs from us. We work together, share a meal, play, talk, and make music. No money is exchanged. This is the stuff that communities are made of.”

This is really cool in my book, because it brings together folks of all walks that share one thing in common: a desire for a strong local food economy. As told on, in days gone by farming use to be a community activity. Planting, harvesting, barn raising, etc were done by all who lived in the community. Communities were only as strong as the farms that surrounded them. When farms failed, communities failed; so everyone would ban together to get labor intensive work done.

Now that farms are more mechanized and further a part, the sense of community dependency has also diminished. As farmers we have strong support from our fellow farmers, but I am sure not one person in Elko New Market feels that if our farm would leave, the community would fail.

The fact is farms are still a vital part of communities. Farms provide infrastructure for off farm jobs, valuable green space, wildlife habitat and also keep food local. What is great about the crop mobs is that they bring back that sense of community.

The Twin Cities Crop Mob is going to be out at our farm on Saturday, July 31. We will be clearing fence line, a job that in very important to keep our animals safe. We will also provide you a home cooked lunch and lots of Organic Valley goodies. To learn more visit the Twin Cities Crop Mob Facebook Page or the Fair Food Fight website. If you already made up your mind that this event is super cool (which it is) you can register by clicking here.

We hope to see you there. This is just another awesome way that ordinary people can be a part of a very special local foods movement.


Zweber Farms is a 4th generation family operated organic dairy. We also specialize in sustainably raised beef, pork and chicken and sell it directly to customers in Minnesota.Visit our website to learn more,


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