Kickapoo Country Fair, A Celebration of All Things Organic

I must confess. I am extremely jealous of anyone who has every made it to the Kickapoo Country Fair. Our family’s vacation always lands on the same week and it always ends up that we are either already back home taking care of the cows, or on our way home.

This year Jon and Lisa shortened their portion of vacation on the lake to visit the fair. They had a wonderful time. I hope that Tim, the boys and I can make it next year.

When I think of a fair, I think of your typical Minnesota county fair: carnival rides run by scary looking people, 4-H livestock, lots of greasy foods on a stick and of course vendors of all kinds trying to sell you something. The Kickapoo County Fair is nothing like that. In fact, it doesn’t fit my definition of a fair at all. It is more of a celebration of all things organic.

This past weekend was the fair’s seventh year of being the Midwest’s largest organic food and sustainable festival. The fair is sponsored by Organic Valley. The fair features two days of food, music, bike and farm tours, cooking demonstrations, theater, kids’ activities, dancing, author readings, and speakers. No overpriced, scary carnival rides or greasy foods here. Just pure family fun.

This year the fair’s keynote speaker was Dr. Temple Grandin. Dr. Grandin is a highly acclaimed animal behaviorist. In fact, many of the strict animal welfare guidelines that Organic Valley farmers adhere to were designed by Dr. Grandin. She is a professor and researcher at Colorado State Unveristy and has written several best selling books on animal behavior. I have written a few posts about her and her books on this blog.

Jon and Lisa had the opportunity to hear her speak. They also got a signed copy of one of her books. (I am seriously jealous because I am HUGE fan).

If you ever have the chance, take the very scenic drive out to La Farge, WI and visit the fair. Maybe we will see you there!


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