Learning Animal Care at a Young Age

On our farm we feel it is important that our children learn good animal care at a young age. You can often find our two boys “helping” with chores. They also enjoy just being around all the animals too.

Another good way for children to learn good animal care is by teaching them to show an animal at the fair. Programs such as 4-H and the National Junior Holstein Association give children a chance to work with an animal and then exhibit them at a local or national show.

When getting an animal ready for a show a child needs to learn basic animal behavior to train it to lead on a halter. They also need to learn things about their diet, growth, birth dates and more, because the judge will always ask these questions. It takes many weeks to train a calf to be ready for the fair. During that time children will bond with the animal and a healthy animal/human relationship forms. This relationship includes respect for the animal and understanding of the animal’s needs.

Erik will be showing in the open show  (he is not old enough for 4-H yet) at our county fair in a few weeks. Of course he will have an adult helper in the ring with him. In his novice class all the children will win a trophy, but the lessons that they have learned are very valuable.


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  1. Arie Haan

    Good job Erik ! 🙂

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