Food Posters Tell History of Food Production

I am an avid reader of the Food Politics blog written by Marion Nestle.  She always brings a balanced approach to many hard topics surrounding food production, processing and human health.

Recently, she had a post about an exhibit at the National Agricultural Library (running June 21 – August 30 2010). Titled: War-Era Food Posters and curated by Cory Bernat, this exhibit showcases the culture around food during World War I and World War II. Most of these posters were commissioned by government agency’s.

I find it interesting the evolution that food posters took during this time. Take time to read the comments that Mr. Bernate provides. You will notice this is the first time in history that our country’s farmers are summoned to “feed the world” and “do our national service.”  

My favorite poster is from Pennsylvania, 1917. This poster could be a motto for our farm. It is interesting that these six food “rules” could be applied today, but many of us do not follow them. If we would just apply these simple rules to our lives, I think we would all be able to afford quality food.


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