Almost a Date Night-Wordless Wednesday

On Saturday, my parents wanted to take the boys overnight. I was excited to “maybe” get a date night with my husband. He had worked 16 hour days all week trying to finish the first crop of hay. I should know better. Tim did get the “night off” but he first had to get round bales from a farm we lease to the home farm. Of course he asked me to help. Nothing screams romantic like helping your husband with farm tasks.

When we went out to get the truck we had to make sure all the chickens were out from under it.

Loading round bales on the trailer to take back to home farm. Tim trusted me to drive all by myself. Nothing says love like trust.

Hot air balloons taking off from the private airport (yes, private) next to our field. Did I mention it was a beautiful night for a date?

Sharing a magical sunset with my husband, as he loads the last of the bales.

Now that is how dairy wives roll on date night.


Zweber Farms is a 4th generation family operated organic dairy.  We are proud Organic Valley farmer members and sell our milk under that label. We also specialize in sustainably raised beef, pork and chicken and sell it directly to customers in Minnesota.Visit our website to learn more, Connect with us on FacebookTwitterand YouTube.


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3 responses to “Almost a Date Night-Wordless Wednesday

  1. You are a such a great sport. I think you should have added “AND I’m 9 months pregnant!!!” I love the despite Tim and you missing out on your date night you still enjoyed an evening together. I hope you get the date night before the baby girl arrives though. Thanks for linking up for WW!

  2. That’s similar to how excavator’s wives roll this time of year too. What’s that? Your rained out and want to run to Fleet Farm? Let me get my shoes on. No time for pizza? Well maybe a blizzard at the Dairy Queen drive through.

  3. You have to take the time together when you can. My grandma told me to never pass up an opportunity to ride along. However, one time I said I’d ride along for parts and ended on a staight there and back drive to the John Deer plant in IL. That was a long drive for parts from centeral MN! Now I ask where we’re going first. What we farming wives won’t do for our husbands 🙂

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