New Baby Leaves Little Time


I want to apologize for not posting as much recently. Hannah has been a great baby so far, but as all babies do, she is now becoming super fussy in the evening. Hence no time for blogging.
I wrinkle up my nose at parenting magazines that tell moms to let Dad comfort the baby so that the mom can get a break. No can do for wives of dairy farmers.
I know this too shall pass, but until then my blogging may suffer a bit. Please bear with me.
PS I am writing this on my phone while baby eats at 4am. This my new “me time” hahaha



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5 responses to “New Baby Leaves Little Time

  1. Don”t worry, you too will learn how to type with one-hand, while using the other hand to support the head of the fussy baby who you are bouncing up and down gently with your knees in your lap, (possibly while nursing). There is no me time- just efficiently managed “us” time. Best of luck to you!

  2. No apologies needed! I am amazed you have managed to keep up your blog at all. Good job!

  3. She is precious and I love her name!!!!

  4. Aunt Martha

    Thank you and thousands of other hard working organic farmers for the long hours, the special care you give livestock and crops, the day in and day out grueling schedule to get those products to market. Blessings on your family. You are why my grocery money is spent at co-ops on the best food money can buy (certified organic). THANK YOU FOR LABORING FOR US on this Labor Day!

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