#FoodThanks To YOU!

As we sit down with our family and friends this Thanksgiving, it is time to give thanks. No matter if you are eating organic sweet potatoes, free range turkey, oranges from Chile or Zweber Farms beef, the food you eat had to start with a farmer.  Tomorrow is the “official” #FoodThanks day in social media. How will you show thanks?
I am going to take a different approach. I want to thank YOU! Yes, you our awesome, wonderful and faithful Zweber Farms customers. We are very serious when we say, without you there might not be a Zweber Farms. We have been very blessed by the support of our local and sometimes not so local customers.

This year we have sold out of chickens and pork. We also have a nine month wait for custom beef packages. Lately, we haven’t been able to keep up with the demand for our eggs. This is all because of YOU! Thank you.

Whether you buy from us because of our quality, or that we are a family business, or that we use organic and sustainable farming practices, you can be assured that your support makes it possible for us to continue into the future.

We have so many blessings this Thanksgiving. Our land continues to be fruitful and your support of our family farm makes our dream as farmers possible.

We hope that your family has a safe and bountiful Thanksgiving!



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