Christmas Ham Recipe – Hunk of Meat Monday

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Ham on Christmas has always been a tradition of ours. Everyone comes back to the farm for Christmas. And by everyone, I mean EVERYONE. Aunts, uncles, cousins, children of cousins all come; about 50 plus people gather to celebrate. Hams are a fuss free and delicious way to feed a large (or smaller) group. If you ordered a smoked ham from Zweber Farms, it is already cooked and you could eat it cold. If you would like to reheat it before you serve, visit the USDA website for details. USDA Ham and Food Safety

Here is a great video from eHowfood. The video shows how to prep the a ham for cooking, shows a simple glaze recipe and how to carve a ham.

Our family wishes you and your family a Merry Christmas.

The boys goofing around in front of tree

The Zwebers

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  1. I LOVE ham at Christmas (Thanksgiving, Easter, and just cause!)

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