Christmas Gift for Farm Book Lovers

My mother has a tradition of buying a new Christmas story book each year. Several years ago, she bought a book titled “Farm Country Christmas Eve.” I loved the story instantly, not knowing that book would lead to me to meet some amazing people.

Set in the 1950’s, the story is about a dairy farm family celebrating Christmas Eve. The family must go to the barn to do chores and milk the cows, so that Santa has a chance to visit their house. The children are quick to do their chores and are greeted with simple, but meaningful presents when they are done.

I smile at all the ways Santa finds his ways to farm families. We are still trying to figure out how Santa is going to visit us this year. Will he visit our house? Or the farm (since Daddy will be doing chores and we open presents there)?

Two years ago, I learned that the author of this book, Gordon Fredrickson, was going to be doing readings at our county fair. Tim and I decided to take the boys to go meet the author. We instantly connected with Gordon and his wife Nancy. We learned that they do not live too far from us and they went to high school with some of Jon’s sisters.

I now consider the Fredrickson’s friends. They even have taken pictures of our pigs to use in one of their latest books. Gordon’s “If I were a Farmer” series books are actuate, educational and fun books about modern agriculture.

Farm book lovers both young and not so young with enjoy Gordon Fredrickson’s books. He even signs all the books he sells and has free shipping. Do  you live in Minnesota? Invite Gordon to your school, church group, library, etc for a reading. His presentations are perfect for children. Visit his website for more information.

Disclaimer: I was not paid or compensated for writing this blog. I just love these books.



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3 responses to “Christmas Gift for Farm Book Lovers

  1. We were surprised when we read your Blog about our books. We’re so glad you & your family enjoy the books and we appreciate your comments. It’s great to know that our friends enjoy the stories. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! Gordon & Nancy

  2. Tina stiles

    Love their books too! Just bought the Christmas one for my great nieces and nephew- can’t wait to read it to them!
    Tina Stiles

  3. Gordon and Nancy are absolutely salt-of-the-earth fantastic individuals with a passion for life and for sharing Minnesota’s rural heritage. My husband and I lunched with them in Northfield more than a year ago and truly enjoyed every bit of conversation with them. They are a delight and I am happy to also consider them among my friends.

    I’d highly recommend their books to anyone. Good wholesome stories and wonderful accompanying artwork.

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