A Cows Kind of Winter

We had our first major snow “storm” of the year yesterday. Ha! Cannot believe I just used the word storm! We had some ice, wind and TWO inches of snow. The ice was really a bad thing, but the snow is nothing compared to last year. Remember this storm we had last winter? We had nearly 20 inches of snow fall in 24 hours.

Nothing like that so far this winter (knock on wood). Things are humming along smoothly at the farm. We only have two bottle calves at the moment and we just sold about ten cows. Chores, milking and all around farm activity are going well (and faster since we don’t have to keep moving snow).  A fellow dairy farmer wife, FarmersWife30, wrote about how hard it has been to blog this winter without all the snow “excitement.” I agree. It is hard when each day is nearly the same: Feed animals, milk cows, move cow poop, break for lunch, then feed animals, milk cows and move more poop.

So no news is good news here at Zweber Farms. To keep our minds nimble, Tim has started a large Tic-Tac-Toe board on the barn door window. Each time one of us passes it, we add an X or O. We will see who wins!



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4 responses to “A Cows Kind of Winter

  1. Mother Nature won!

    No frost on that window anymore. Hasn’t been for days and the milk is flowing!

  2. Christian

    Think you are awesome – keep up the good work!

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