There is Hope for Tim’s Wedding Ring

Remember this post “My Husband Doesn’t Wear His Wedding Ring”? In the post I mention that Tim lost his first (and very expensive) wedding ring while working with calves. I am sure the ring is now in one of our fields waiting to be eaten by a cow.

There is hope that we might find it though. Today there is an article on Mail Online  titled Wedding ring eaten by calf  three years ago is re-discovered… inside cow’s stomach at butcher’s shop.

The farmer lost his ring while feeding calves. A calf sucked it off his hand. When it was time to butcher the fully grown animal the farmer asked the butcher to look for the ring. Low and behold, it was there!!

Cattle swallowing metal objects is actually a bad thing. There is even a name for it Hardware Disease. This is when a metal object is swallowed and it is pushed through the rumen to the reticulum. The reticulum is one of the compartments in the bovine stomach, and its function is not well understood. However, the contractions of the reticulum force the object into the peritoneal cavity where it initiates inflammation.

To help prevent an infection, cows are sometimes fed magnets to prevent the metal objects from piercing the stomach walls.


So here is to hoping we find Tim’s wedding ring…someday.



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4 responses to “There is Hope for Tim’s Wedding Ring

  1. Mine fell off at work twice before I decided to quit wearing it. I still have all my fingers too!

    • zweberfarms

      My worst fear is getting the call to run over a bag of ice and then hit the road for the ER. No thank you. The ring can stay at home. It isn’t like the cows wonder if he is married or not 🙂

  2. We have had to rent a metal detector twice to find my husbands – finally he just quit wearing it – which was totally fine with me!

    Good Luck!

    • zweberfarms

      Good idea, I wonder how long it would take to cover 300 acres…. My hope is that one day it will show up on Antique Road Show after someone finds it.

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