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Wordless Wednesday-Family Pasture Walk

Yesterday, we had our first 60 degree weather since last fall. Tim was itching to go check the culverts and see how the pastures were fairing. We took the hike as a family just before sunset. I wish I would have had my camera. Instead I took a few pictures from my phone.

It was warm enough to be without a coat, except for Hannah

Erik was making bridges out of the branches that fell with last week’s storm

Our trip started in the yard. We followed the “river” and see where is went.

No trip is complete without a really big stick

“Don’t fall in Jonnie!”

A full moon was rising behind us as we walked

Made it to the top of the hill (stick and all)

The heifers greeted us as we made our way back.

Milking was just finishing as we walked into the yard.

Hannah got all tuckered out from the fresh air.

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Now that is what I Call a Winter Storm on the Farm

Yesterday and last night we had a major winter storm. The day started out with light snow. Then it moved to rain. We had over one inch of rain before it turned back to snow/ice over the night.

This is what Jon and Lisa woke up to:

You can see the weight of the ice damaged some trees and a river is running through the back yard. Some of our calves got spooked last night and were out this morning. We are not sure what happened, but the sound of the breaking trees might have done it. Also, our dog, Boo, completely chewed through the wall in our mud room.

A kind of day like today calls for only one thing:

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Brave cat or not so smart?

You be the judge


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A Cows Kind of Winter

We had our first major snow “storm” of the year yesterday. Ha! Cannot believe I just used the word storm! We had some ice, wind and TWO inches of snow. The ice was really a bad thing, but the snow is nothing compared to last year. Remember this storm we had last winter? We had nearly 20 inches of snow fall in 24 hours.

Nothing like that so far this winter (knock on wood). Things are humming along smoothly at the farm. We only have two bottle calves at the moment and we just sold about ten cows. Chores, milking and all around farm activity are going well (and faster since we don’t have to keep moving snow).  A fellow dairy farmer wife, FarmersWife30, wrote about how hard it has been to blog this winter without all the snow “excitement.” I agree. It is hard when each day is nearly the same: Feed animals, milk cows, move cow poop, break for lunch, then feed animals, milk cows and move more poop.

So no news is good news here at Zweber Farms. To keep our minds nimble, Tim has started a large Tic-Tac-Toe board on the barn door window. Each time one of us passes it, we add an X or O. We will see who wins!



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Zweber Farms in 2011

What a year 2011 was.

We had a record of over 60 inches of snow. The cows could walk right over the fences. Remember when they took for a walk in the woods?

cows, storm, pasure, organic, rain, tornado,

When we had all that rain! We never thought we would get corn planted. In the summer came the extreme temps and sever storms. Remember when Tim took this picture minutes before a tornado touched down?

Sam winning Grand Champion at fair

The summer was filled with exciting events. Hannah was born and Sam won Grand Champion at our county fair. She then went win Honorable Mention at the State Fair.

BigFoot At World Dairy Expo-The Boy's Favorite Stop

Hannah being a beach bum on vacation this year

It wasn’t all work and no play. We went on a short vacation and then headed to World Dairy Expo in October.

chicken, jonnie, summer, 2011

Don’t forget all the funny stories about our pigs and chickens throughout the year.

It was a very memorable year. Thank you for making it so wonderful.

Happy New Year!

The Zwebers


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Fun in the Snow – Wordless Wednessday

We have about four inches of snow on the ground now. The kids were super excited to go sledding. I couldn’t keep them still to take a decent picture.

I also got a picture of our last calf until February!! She is nice and warm in her calf jacket.

Happy Wednesday!

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Almost Got Milk-Wordless Wednesday



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Red Boots-Wordless Wednesday

Photo by David Nevala

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Pumpkin Picking at Crazy Legs Winery-Family Friday Linky

Fall has to be my favorite time of year. The crisp, cool mornings. The changing color of the leaves and pumpkin picking. My father has been raising pumpkins forever. He loves to grow the big 500 pound ones, but he always grows lots of perfect carving pumpkins.

My Dad

Pumpkin picking has always been a family affair. We all come home and pick out our favorite ones. Then my dad piles them at the end of the driveway for people to “purchase.” Really, he leaves a bucket out there and lets people put money in it. He doesn’t make a lot, but it is enough to treat some of his favorite pumpkin helpers (my two cousins Maggie and Tillie) to dinner. My Dad just really loves to grow pumpkins and enjoys others enjoying them as well.

This year the pumpkin picking turned into a real festival. There was food, beer, and music. My dad also grows grapes for Cannon River Winery and the “festival” took place right in the vineyard. The name of my parents’ vineyard is Crazy Legs.

Crazy Legs Vineyard

My mom made a huge pot of chili (no not my recipe, it had to be vegan for my brother) with all the fixings. My brother’s band, The Dang Ol’ Tri’ole , played bluegrass for us all evening long.

Dang Ol' Tri'ole in vineyard

My brother, Wes, is the one in the red plaid playing the wash board. They were great! Once everyone (over 21) had their mandatory beverage in hand, it was off to load up all the pumpkins. Our boys loved riding on the wagon moving the pumpkins around so they wouldn’t fall off.

The day was wonderfully perfect. After the sunset and the band put away their instruments, we lit the bonfire. I didn’t do an official count, but I guess nearly 50 people were there. Thank you to my aunt Jodi for taking these wonderful pictures!

Is fall one of your favorite seasons too? What fun things do you do with your family in the autumn time?

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An Interesting Idea for Child’s Birthday Party-Wordful Wedenessday

Our two year old LOVES tractors. I don’t think I can stress the love part enough.

He has been sleeping with this book for the past month! Each night he wants us to read a section out of it. I have learned more about tractors from my two year old than anyone else ever in my life.

Tim often asks me to do parts runs for him. I don’t mind doing it and I’m usually in Northfield often enough. Jonnie gets super excited when he gets to come along. We call Larson’s Implements “The Tractor Store”.

When you first walk in, there is a row of toy tractors. Jonnie walks down the row saying things like “Oh that is big, I would like that, Daddy has this kind of tractor, Daddy doesn’t have this” After Dave at the parts counter gives us our order and the boys their sucker, it is off to see all the tractors on the lot.

Jonnie could climb up each of the tractors’ steps for hours. I have to limit his play to a short half hour each time we go. Jonnie has expensive taste when it comes to tractors. Yesterday, he climbed up the biggest tractor on the lot and proudly said “Mommy, I want a Steiger.” I checked the label, and yes it was a Steiger 400 (smart two year old). That tractor is worth twice as much as our house!

I wonder if the “tractor store” would host a birthday party for our tractor lover? I can see it now: I could bring a cake, the kids could eat the free popcorn and suckers and then spend a couple hours climbing up and down the tractor steps. Maybe Larson’s mechanics could give a tour of the shop. Tim said that he buys enough parts there that they should. I said you need to buy a new tractor then they would for sure. *wink*

I might just ask Dave the parts guy the next time we are in.

Fun Tractor Trivia: What tractor maker “dabbled” in sports car making when he complained to Enzo Ferrari about the noisy gearbox in his cars? Hint this tractor maker now makes one of the world’s most expensive sports cars.  Come back for the answer on Friday’s post.



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