Here are some terms we use on Zweber Farms that you might not be familiar with. I will be updating this as need be. Let us know if there is a term that you don’t understand and we will define it on this page.


  • Calf = a baby bovine
  • Brown Swiss = All brown breed of cattle. Orginated from the Swiss Alps.
  • Dry = a cow on that is not milking before giving birth. Our cows go dry 45 days before they give birth.
  • Fresh = A cow that has given birth
  • Heifer = a female bovine who has not given birth
  • Holstein = Black and white colored breed of cattle. The most popular breed.
  • Somatic Cell Count (SCC)=The number of white blood cells per milliliter of milk or measurement of the number of somatic cells present in a sample of milk. All milk naturally contains some somatic cells, which enable cows to fight infection and ensure good health. The FDA requires SCC to be below 750,000. Our herd annual average is around 235,000.
  • Steer = A male bovine that is castrated


  • Piglet=baby pig
  • Gilt=female pig who hasn’t had babies yet
  • Boar=male pig
  • Sow=female pig who has had litter of piglets
  • Barrow=a male pig that is castrated

General Farm:

  • Coverall=our hoop building that houses our cows in the winter and our hogs in the summer and fall
  • Parlor=the area that we milk our cows